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Jennifer Callioux has been instructing children of all ages in theatre and creative drama since 1996.  She received her Bachelor of Arts from Sir Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, and during her schooling, Jennifer was employed as a Drama Instructor for the City of Kitchener Drama School founded by her Theatre Professor at Laurier, Dr. O'Dell. Jennifer was professionally trained specializing in teaching Shakespeare, Greek and Asian Theatre for children.

Since her move to Victoria in 2000, Jennifer has developed her business, Acting Out, which specializes in Drama instruction for children ages 6-12. Acting Out has spread throughout every municipality in Victoria within Recreational Centres, Elementary Schools, Out of School Clubs and the Greater Victoria Public Libraries.

Acting Out helps students to build upon their social skills and self-confidence through leadership exercises and group work. Many children Jennifer has instructed have returned for numerous courses, as the learning material and themes of the final productions are continually changing. Children explore characters through movement voice and emotion work, and memorize preferred amounts of lines. Previous shows have consisted of Comedic Scenes and short plays, and Jennifer has also trained children on audition monologues. Jennifer has recently created a leadership program where Acting Out Alumni return as Camp volunteers, which lead to junior leaders and eventually continue on as Acting Out Staff!

Hundreds of children have learned theatrical skills, gained excellent confidence, and met many friends through Acting Out fun in Victoria since 2000.